Appreciation Post

If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. 

— Osho

Whats up my fellow readers! 

Time passed way too fast this semester. Where did all those Saturday and Sundays go? I would have thought fall semester would feel longer just because there are less breaks. Maybe I'm just having too much fun :P

Although Thanksgiving isn't until another week, I wanted to make an appreciation post. Only because I'm going to Austin for the break so I probably won't have time to post this. 

America is too excited for Christmas ( I swear I saw a full-out Christmas tree at a Sugarland Mall a few weeks ago) that we fail to acknowledge this month's holiday, and it's true meaning.... All we think of at the end of this month is just getting the good deals on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

This semester I have to admit, was the hardest and most emotional semester I've ever went through. Details aside, I found myself feeling extremely lonely in a world full of supportive people, stressed about my career goals, and constantly pressured myself to prove that I can do things better than expected. However, I discovered that once you put your mind on the things that you love doing and surround yourself with awesome friends, everything will be fine. 

So I want to dedicate this post to all the people that I am thankful for. All of those listed down here has helped me tremendously and I am forever grateful! 

  • My high school besties: Even though we're all over the world right now with school, we still tag each other on funny instagram pictures, snapchat ootds (chem test ootds are the best), or skype for 2 hours just to catch up on life. Scheduling in different time zones just adds to the fun doesn't it. :P Can't wait to see you guys in a month! 
  • My PES family. Admittedly I've surrounded myself with so many Asians  through out high school and my first year in college. I love all the diversity and individual personalities that the program has. We've suffered together with those cold calls and competitions even with Hurricane Patricia. I could always count on you guys for support.  blows kisses
  • Moody Bunch: my three friends who are experts on infiltrating through dorm security to come and hang out and study. Or talk until 2 in the morning. You guys are such okay friends :P and even through our constant teasing, we can count on each other for moral support. 
  • Cullen family: to all the mentors and friends who still treat me like family even after I went off the radar with PES. I'm back now :D I can always count on you guys to be there and will always call you my first family in college
  • My Roomates: Thank you for being the quiet and comforting companion while we both study :) Your presence is a lot more meaningful than you think it is. We always manage to update each other on our daily lives and crack a few laughs at it. I can see us being friends forever <3 I'm proud of all your achievements and will cheer you on for the future. 

My Family: I don't call my parents often but they still manage to check up on me every week. My dad would randomly wechat me a picture of the house window, food, or our cat sitting serenely on the balcony. And everytime we video chat, I would happily watch my grandparents figure out how to use the smartphone.  I love you all and I'm counting down the days for Christmas break. (:



  • Those out there who keep up with this blog; it makes my life when I hear how inspiring this blog is to you guys so please contact me! I would love to chat <3

If you read through ALL of that... Kudos to you! 

Thank you :)