Only three more weeks and I'll be done with my first year of College! Wow.. this year has definitely passed faster then I would've imagined. Considering that I was living 1500 miles away from home, I have to say that I managed pretty well.  I have been rewarded with so many friends from joining student organizations and I am extremely fortunate to meet so many great and amazing people. (: 

I don't know how many times I have thought about starting a blog. I started so many from different domains like blogger, blogspot, weebly, and wordpress but I never had the motivation to continue posting because I had no readers. Yet on the other hand, I felt awkward advertising my blog.  I was afraid to open that gate of privacy for the public to enter and read my writing. 

I've traveled in my life and I regret immensely when I try to remember what happened and lacked the organization of jumbled memories and details. I wished that there was a place I could go to and revisited the blissful moments that I hold dear to me. 

However, with all the exciting things that I'll be doing this summer, I refuse to not blog/vlog about it. So, I guess this is another attempt of me starting a blog that I'll hopefully commit to.

One of my favorite cafes to just sit and write is the Nook Cafe. I usually get their Earl Grey Tea Lattes and a warm chocolate chip cookie :) 

Thats all for now, hope everyone is having a great Tuesday. 

Also, I have to say, pressing that heart icon below creates the cutest heart explosion. (is this a trick for you to like my post? Iono ;] )