The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

I just discovered something amazing. Something that I can relate on a deep level and I cannot believe. What is that? The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows  

Basically it is a website where a creative genius John Koenig, coins new words (using roots from all different languages) on experiences or feelings that one can't pinpoint, but it exists. His youtube videos are beautiful and deserve a lot more views than it does right now. 

Now that I have introduced this topic, I just want to write about two words (love love love) : Onism and Vemödalen. Quite frankly, I can't express the definition as well as Koenig does so just watch the videos below. 

What motivates me in life are the beautiful and exciting adventures that I envision myself doing; or hope to do. It makes me excited for life in general. However, this video struck me hard. Not in a upsetting way, but in a sad but happy way. Realistically, I can't do community service in a third world country, see all of art painted by my favorite artists, visit the little cathedrals in the middle of nowhere, and hike mountains in the tropics. The list goes on...

I feel that life is too structured for me to do all of that. We're all suppose to go to get a college education, get a job, and eventually settle. You can argue that I can go on a sabbatical or take a leap year. And honestly, I sometimes wonder: why not?  

I do like to think that all the adventures I fail to experience will be experienced by someone else :) That's why we have Pinterest and flickr! 

Although I would like to imagine myself to be creative, I unwillingly fall victim to doing the things that everyone else has done. That's why I really appreciate those who are creative and original. People who take risks showing off something that is different and perhaps unpopular, really inspires me. It shows that they're thinking outside of the box. 

Its addicting to take these kind of pictures though. So artsy and fun! :)

Its addicting to take these kind of pictures though. So artsy and fun! :)

Thats about all I have to say. Its not much, but I hope that you guys enjoy these videos as much as I did. I do hope they post more because its very inspiring and I love the creativity and editing.