Hi there,

Happy 2nd day of June!  I'm officially settled in my Beijing apartment and ready to start work in a nearby hotel. I was given a great opportunity to intern at a hotel thanks to my uncle. His family has provided me a quaint apartment to stay in that is only 10 minutes walking distance from where I work. I'll be working until July and soon afterwards, my sister will fly over so we could explore the city together.

View from my Shanghai apartment

View from my Shanghai apartment

From the 2 days I've been in Beijing, I can conclude that there is a completely different vibe between Shanghai and Beijing. In Beijing, the streets are more wide for traffic, and there are a ton more apartment complexes. Shanghai has this amazing mall where there are 9 stories of international shops and brands. But if I have to say one distinguishing factor, Beijing has the most amazing food! The 2 days I've been here, I've been feasting on authentic Chinese food from Pop chicken cooked with peanuts and cashews to Pei King Duck. I'm still adjusting to the culture and weather. Its very important to keep hydrated since Beijing's air quality isn't as on point as in the US. So far the weather has been pretty nice, not too hot or humid. 


Also, unfortunately I didn't actually bring my Nikon camera to this trip so, bear with the samsung/iphone camera quality! :[

I'm off to my internship in 15 minutes! Come back for more updates!