Feeling Lonely in this Big City

Hello there! 

Thank you for those who have read through this blog! I know its been slow and I definitely have't been updating as much as I should have. 

It is currently 4:44 on a Monday morning. I have work in about 4 hours and I haven’t slept since my 15 min nap at 3pm. I’ve been idling my time by updating myself with all of my friend’s life via Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram: 

My high school friends just finished their band banquet and a new line of successors for section leaders and drum majors were announced. It feels so weird to think that the little freshmen that I once helped march are leaders themselves now doing extraordinary things. Its amazing how just year ago, I graduated high school and now another group of students will graduate and pursue their college lives just like I did. 

My college friends are having a retreat in Austin! D: They visited something that looked like a camp full of dogs, this jumpy trampoline-heaven park. (Its hard to describe), and a giant burger restaurant with mouthwatering food. I’m so jealous... you have no idea :( 

I've been visiting amazing places with my aunt and uncles and I am in no means ungrateful or being disrespecting, but I tend to feel more lonely than at home (like I'm lost). I miss all my close friends and family and I guess you can say that I'm getting homesick. I've never really lived alone (at all) for such a long period of time. I'm used to having  interactions with people before I sleep, whether its my sister, my roommate, or my friends. 

On the bright side, Kara is on her way to China and she may come visit me! <3 ah.. I love my cousin. ;D 

There was this AMAZING art district village (its called 798) that I visited today. It use to be an old factory but now all the rooms are rented out to striving/professional artists to create/sell their work. The entire area is filled with culture, cute shops, and graffiti. It's hipster in it's own way and I really want to take professional photos there so hopefully when Kara comes, we'll be able to do that. I miss my dear Nikon (I internally cried when I walked down the streets having no ability to take any photos)

I was also looking through my old pictures and stumbled on this photo: Its nothing special but it was just a casual snapshot of me on a random afternoon during the 1st semester college. I remember my friend was showing me Trey Songz xD

And yes, I have a ton of stuffed animals. And yes, they all have names..