Summer time thoughts

Its been a never ending battle these days for me with my melatonin levels. I've been feeling so tired after work but can't seem to fall asleep when its time to sleep. 

I've been feeling so guilty not writing on this blog since I didn't have any photos to post. I've been just brainstorming ideas for projects and drawing in my little sketchbook I bought from Barnes and Nobles. I really want to get into typography and calligraphy. So  basically I've been spending a ton of time on Pinterest looking up inspirations.

It turns out that Kara isn't able to come visit me (cries internally). Asian grandparents are very protective of their grandchildren and I understand and can relate to her situation when she said that she couldn't come. But on the bright side, my sister is coming this Sunday! I haven't seen her in a month but the time feels like its been forever. My internship is ending this week so I'll definitely have more time to travel and relax. Hopefully I'll get some pictures so I can upload.

I don't have much to write about, so I'll just end my post here. Hope everyone is enjoying their day and I'll try to get some pictures up! 

ANNE'S TIP FOR TRAVELS: In Beijing, if you want to visit any museums, you need your passport or a Chinese ID. Don't forget!