Lotus Flower Fields

I'm really behind on writing this blog because I have SO many things to write about! I'm so excited to record the places I've visited in the next few articles. Stacey and I have been traveling to all the main sites in Beijing this week since we're going to be leaving to Guangzhou tomorrow :( I'm going to miss this beautiful city and the amazing people I met. 

I'm going to start this post with this: my new favorite flower is definitely the lotus. I still love hydrangeas, but the simplicity, elegance, and gradient petals of the lotus make its so unique. I was lucky to see a whole field of blooming lotuses when I visited Bei Hai Park (which I visited a couple weeks back). Bei Hai park is known for it's white tower. If you see the pictures, you'll notice that the main distinguishing factor is the the white tower. Without it, it would seem like I'm in the Summer Palace or even another park. The park itself isn't as big as the summer palace so we got to walk around the lake and enjoy the scenery. There isn't really anything to do except walking around which both of us didn't mind. :)

Asian paradise <3

Asian paradise <3

My aunt &lt;3&nbsp;

My aunt <3