Gui Ling Road Trip!

I'm back! Not only on this blog (after weeks of slow internet connection) but also in the US! As I mentioned before, I had trouble accessing this website while I was at Guangzhou so I wasn't able to post anything. 

Well, here I am and I have so much to tell you guys!

I went on the most amazing and thrilling road trip of my life. So far, I've been on a road trip to Yosemite, California but this one is complete different. Our destination  was Gui Ling, a small beautiful city in the northeast of the Guangxi province. I was so excited because I've dreamed about visiting after learning that many Chinese mountains paintings were inspired by those landmarks. 

 What I love about road trips is how much freedom you have.. All 7 of us (5 girls, 2 chaperons) stuffed ourselves in a white Prado Land Cruiser and drove for 3 days straight literally not knowing where we would stay for the night. Many times, you're driving down the road looking at repeated scenes, passing tunnels, and possibly cramping in your seat (if you sat in the back corner like me). Its up you to take the energy to stop the car on the side of the road and physically make yourself get out of the car to look at breath taking sights.  I can not stress how thankful I was for my adventurous friends and mom that wanted to take pictures of the landscapes that me come out of the car with them. The goal of a successful road trip isn't to get to your destination but to have the most fulfilling journey during it. Hey, that's like that clique saying everyone says about life! 

We've drove through narrow streets (that were definitely not meant for cars),  wide scary roads in the dark with literally no street lights what-so-ever, and undiscovered villages that could've easily been missed if you didn't turn in a little street. There was this path that had both sides surrounded by rice fields. If you had opened the car door, you would only fall if you stepped out. All of us were freaking out because if the car tipped, we would have no backup plan since we would be stranded in a rural rice field. Thankfully we didn't 

For the nights, we would scour the city for hotels. It was more of a hassle since most of the hotels we called didn't have presidential suites or  big enough rooms for all of us to stay in. However, I would say that the presidential suite costed about the same as a regular double in the US. 

Photos are taken by my friend Rebecca Luo. She most likely won't see this but she is an amazing plant photographer :)