Walking the Golden Gate Bridge


As Purnika and I call it the Golden Gate Bridge Day, I would say its more of a SF Tourist day. We basically explored everything touristy today. From the Golden Gate Bridge, to the town of Sausalito, to Pier 39. Let me take you on this wonderful journey. I highly recommend anyone to copy this itinerary because it was pretty much a perfect day. :D

Because we're pretty much free and flexible time-wise, we decided to take the MUNI bus to the South side of the Golden Gate. The bus tickets were only $2.25 (bring exact change!) and it took us probably 30 minutes to get  there. We spent the next hour enjoying the view  and (guess what) walking across the bridge. 

After walking across, we ended up in a quaint, beautiful, and gorgeous town called Sausalito. As I walked around, I instantly wanted to live here.  The houses were so beautifully designed and like San Francisco, had an array of different colors. More on the pastekl side. We ate at the Bakery and Cafe that was located next to the port. If I were to be honest, this town would be such a lovely place for a date because there isn't any free Wifi or outlets (yes, we were basically looking for those two) which would allow you to spend quality time to talk. 

We spent the afternoon sitting on the rocks viewing the bay bridge and skyline (happy sigh). It was one of those moments where you feel so stress-free and happy. :) 

Around 3:00 pm, it was about time to visit our next destination. The nearby ferry takes you to two other ports and then Fisherman's Warf or Pier 39. The tickets were around $12.50 and the ride took around 30-45 minutes. Once we got there, we did the must-do thing at Fisherman's Warf: Eat a bread bowl of clam chowder.

And thats what we did; in addition to seeing the Musee Mecanique (tbh kind of creepy at times but Purnika loved it) I even got a picture with the famous wrestling hand that starred in the Princess Diaries! 

Because we our mode of transportation was already walking, why not walk back home? It only takes 30 minutes! Well, our bodies cried as we found ourselves lungeing up Taylor Street. This walk tested our mental and physical strength. xD But honestly, the walk wasn't too bad and the view was amazing. We walked around dusk so it wasn't too dark and the sky had a great tint of blue and pink. Halfway there, there was a small seating area on the side to view the downtown skyscrapers  and traffic. <3 #worthit. 

We had to take a break ^^

Hope you enjoyed this article as much as we enjoyed this day's adventure! Until then, have a great one :)