Unexpected adventure at Lands End


The plans on the third day were perhaps the most unexpected ones out of the entire trip. Initially, we wanted to visit the museum at the Legion of Honor that was located on the top of the hill near the bay. What we didn't expect was to see a forest-like area nearby. We decided to venture out for  a few minutes but the more we explored, the more we are sucked into to the greenery and foliage. I finally took my 50mm lens (for the first time) and took some pictures. 

Walking around the woods was such a blissful and relaxing moment for the both of us. It started to drizzle for a bit but it was all good because of all the leaves from the trees. 

Near this little forest was a golf course (how strange right) but as we ventured, I was enraptured by the dew drops on all the plants. Purnika randomly started to wander and found a pretty sketchy trail that lead into the woods. We were debating on whether it was worth the risk to visit but both agreed that "whens another time for us to see something like this again?" (YOLO). So we did and found ourselves on a hiking trail. Without hesitation, we both quickly followed the trail. Best decision ever. Why? because it led us to this: 

There was a full on view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge! Later we found out that the trail we stumbled on was the Land's End trail. 

And just like my Austin trip, I vlogged this trip too! :) Sadly the clips from this day were corrupted so that would explain why I didn't have a lot clips for the last day. :| Hope you enjoy! 

Hope everyone enjoyed these posts as much as I did with this trip! :D 

Love, Anne