Athens - Slippery Marble steps and all its beautiful vandalized walls

Lets just say that Greece was unforgettable. I had the amazing opportunity to travel there for 12 days in May 2016 and tasted a bit of all significant parts of the beautiful country. 

What struck me as interesting were the graffiti that covered the city the walls. During this time, Greece was going through an economical struggle. Many locals had wage cuts (some as much as 50% while prices never changed) and had to rely heavily on tourism. Many of them would express their frustrations and feeling through art on these walls. Although I personally don't think too much about grafitti,  I found myself imagining how this could eventually go into the art history books some day. 

Apartments you see right as you exit the hotel 

Apartments you see right as you exit the hotel 

Upon arrival, we stayed at Hotel Candia on Diligianni St. As soon as we dropped our luggage, we set out to explore the acropolis and all of Athen's beauty. Day 1: THE ACROPOLIS

Pictures above were the Parthenon, Acropolis Museum (an architecturally magnificent design that you must visit. It has an ongoing underground excavation that you can observe as you walk through the museum), and the Greek Parliament where we watched the changing of the guards. It was a slow process but they had the coolest shoes.  

The first day was probably one of the most tiring because we were all a bit half-awake as we attempted to grasp the fact that we were half away across the country and witnessing one of the wonders of the world. And also, slipping through the marble steps on our way to the Parthenon. I actually got lost and separated from the group for a bit so I just sat at the marble steps of the acropolis and casually waited for time to pass. What a life. 

Fun fact: Greece has so much marble that it is financially more affordable to build with than resources like timber. That is why the majority of old houses and streets consist of marble. How luxurious Tip: wear shoes that'll have some sort of traction. 


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