Must try foods in Greece

Lamb with Rice and fresh cut fries 

Lamb with Rice and fresh cut fries 

When you go to Greece, be sure to try these! They are everywhere in the menus and I gaurantee you that you'll love them! 


Pretty much grilled chicken or lamb on a skewer! Portions are very filling and you'll probably will always find fries on the side.


I've had this dish multiple times and I loved it! I usually hate eggplant but this dish is an exception. It is a eggplant or potato base with some sort of ground meat filling. 


This drink is so frothy and delicious! The coffee isn't too strong or too rich. I have not found a good substitute in the states yet. But if you're ever feeling fatigue while you travel, this is a quick dose of caffeine to jump start your day.

Spinach Pie

This spinach pie is a wonderful snack if you are feeling on the savory side. It has a good balance of spinach, cheese, and dough, Definitely a common food that locals like to eat although it was difficult to find. I got these at a countryside gas station which, by the way, is always a magical experience to visit since they sell loads to snacks and complete meals. 

And of course, Gyros! A staple and a must-try. They can range from 2.50 - 7.50 euros depending on where you buy.