3 Greece Island in 1 Day

The best thing about pre-planned tourist cruises is that, well, everything is already planned for you. The worst thing about it is that you can not control the time.

The Athen's 1-Day Cruise took us to three islands: Hydra, Paros, and Aegina. The day was jam-packed with scenic routes, little white houses, and historic temples. In any tourist program, you have to mentally prepare yourself to take everything in as much and as quickly as possible. And that is what I did!  

HYDRA: Orange roofs and cute doors everywhere

Hydra was our first stop and was a great sample of a typical Greek Island. Going in, you see white colored houses with orange roofs. Most buildings were white because it absorbed little heat. My friends and I were pretty much obsessed with all the doors that we passed by. Its on the verge of embarrassing if I say so myself... but we couldn't help it! Everything was too picturesque. 


PAROS - Siestas 

Paros has a significantly different theme of colorful architecture. Unlike Hydra, which felt like an island of tourist shops and quiet narrow streets, Paros felt more like a small town where cafes and local coffee shops would be the main source of entertainment. We arrive around a time known as Siesta; a common practice around the Mediterranean countries where locals would pause their day work after noon and return home to rest. All the shops would close and you would see locals sitting outside enjoying their solitude or companionship.  Of course, there were some cafes and shops open due to the tourism.


AGENIA- Temple of Agenia and Pistachios 

We got to see the second of the three famous temples of Greece; Our first was the Parthenon. The Temple of Aphaia was a beautiful sight that stood on the edge of the cliffs. The view was magnificent so I had to get a cliche picture (as seen on the top banner).  Along with olives, this island specifically specialized in pistachios. And of course, I had to try the ice cream. They used goat milk in this dessert and it tasted very organic and delicious. Their dry pistachios were simply salted and baked so it had a salty and subtle pistachio taste. It tasted less flavorful than the typical ones you buy in the states however I really enjoyed it. 


The night ended as we came back from the cruise ship to Athens and I had the BEST gyro. Not only were there thick fresh fries sandwiched in between the meat inside, but it was only 2.50 Euros! 

Lesson: Gyro is pronounced as Gee-Roh