Visiting Delphi


And the climb to the top of Delphi begins! The weather was absolutely beautiful and perfect for a nice hike. Hiking up to the top was a journey in itself because you pass by such historical ruins that you almost miss how old and magnificent they are. 

The beauties that you find here are the mountains, forestry, and ancient artifacts. The theater shown above was built thousands of years ago with amazing acoustics and an outdoor view. Can you imagine attending a theatrical performance outside on a beautiful summer day? Amazing and breathtaking! 


I apologize if there was little to say but we can all agree that the pictures speak for themselves


I wonder how its like to live here because everything is so pure, natural, and just breath taking. It makes you daydream the simple life these residents have and what their daily lives are. 


Its a beautiful November in Texas right now. Hope that my readers are enjoying their first week of November!