Best Natural Acoustics in the World


Hello lovelies! 

I'm in my last week of school now and its crazy how time passed so quickly. I see a reoccurring theme here: "where did all the time go?"

On a side tangent, I got to attend the Collateral Beauty pre-screening and it was really good. The concept was very well conveyed and everything was connected with the main and side characters. I would definitely recommend watching whether its by yourself or with family.

Now moving on to the real stuff. 

The Epidaurus theater was one of the best experiences I had when I went to Greece. We were fortunate to be the only group at the site so we had the entire theater to ourselves. This architectural phenomenon was not only breathtakingly huge but also faces the mountains.  

This theater was designed by Polykleitos and is known for it's amazing acoustics. It was designed at the center of the magnetic field so that it would prevent birds from flying over it. Because of it's design, even if you sat on the farthest seat, you could clearly hear a single clap from the center. I'm still baffled by how ingenious this is.  

Along with Epidarus, we got to see the Mycenaean Lion's Gate. It is a lot bigger than you would imagine and its very fascinating how the Mycenaean built this. Nearby, we were able to see the tomb of Agamemnon. The interior was dark, however if you went in the area of the tomb, you would see small dust-like specs flying quickly. My guess is that they are perceived as the spirits which gave an overall eerie feel.