New York - Times Square

Why hello there!

Its been a while, even for me. I haven't been on this website since my last trip to San Francisco. If you haven't already, you should go and check out my posts

You guessed it! I'm in New York for spring break! I can't believe that I'm actually here in the city that never sleeps. It has been a good three days since I arrived in the city of Manhattan and I'm currently crashing at a friend's dorm in Columbia. The campus is so quiet and peaceful and everyone seemed to be minding their own business. I adore the fact that all of the building's roofs are topped with a mint green color. Its suppose to resemble the color of the Statue of Liberty. The architecture is so amazing and because this school is so old, the classrooms still use chalkboards. Professors don't really use slides to lecture so they do it the old-fashioned way.

We took the subway to Times Square which, during the day, isn't as... magical; which is why we decided to wait it out by exploring the streets. Honestly, I was too distracted by all the people to realize how beautiful the city is. It wasn't until I was editing these photos that I fell in love with the city. My hypothesis is that we get caught up with the over-stimulation of movement and activity. With a picture that freezes the moments, you're able to really see the city and fall in love with it. 

We decided to get dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant called Ootoya. They open around 5:30 but if you were to go, I would suggest you to be there 30 minutes before because there will be a line. It was probably the most expensive place I visited since a roll of sushi was 30$ o.o However, the service was amazing and the food came in within 8 minutes. 



A tourist cannot go to New York and not visit Times Square at night!

Isn't the Chrysler Building beautiful? ^^ I love the art deco style.

After dinner we went to Korea Town and ate the most amazing dessert selections from Spot Dessert Bar. They have the most divine chocolate green tea lava cake. (happy sigh) I definitely caught a huge sugar rush after sharing three sweet tapas. I don't really remember what they're called but if you ever stop by Korea town, you need to stop by this place. The shop is located on the third floor which could be hard to find at first. 

What a wonderful way to end the first day at New York! I will be posting more about this trip in the next few days/weeks. Fair warning, There WILL be a lot of food pictures in the posts.