New York - Solo Exploring

The 2nd day of New York was very relaxing and was my first day exploring a city city alone. Surprisingly I wasn't scared. In fact, I was so excited that I ventured around without Google Maps for a bit before I went to Absolute Bagels for brunch. 

Absolute Bagels was just a small simple shop that had absolutely amazing bagels. (see what I did there?) Its more of a come-and-go place so the shop wasn't that big but there was a good seating area for those who wanted to eat there. They had an assortment of cream cheese and bagels to customize with. You can also add lok or salmon as well as tomatoes and onions. They only take cash so if you do visit, don't forget to bring some! I had to break my 100$ bill to get this 4$ breakfast. 

I wanted to visit the Guggenheim Museum so I walked across Central Park from Absolute Bagels. There wasn't much foliage, the trees were barren and you could hardly find any grass. However, there was still a lot of people in the park. You could see many adults walking their dogs or even groups of students on their morning runs.

Although, I did find some adorable yellow blooms peeking from some of the trees. 

The Guggenheim is located on 5th Avenue, one of the most populated street with tourism. It is the famous street that is part Central Park and part Upper East Side. Unfortunately, there wasn't any transportation from one end of 5th Ave to the other so I spent a good hour walking all the way towards Midtown. I suggest anyone who has the extra time to just walk the entire avenue because the things you see by yourself is much more rewarding than if you took a tour bus. Make sure you wear good walking shoes!