22 Things I've Learned at 22


So its been over a month since I turned 22 but its better late than never right? :) 

Here are 22 things that I've learned so far: 

1. People are less judgemental than you think they are

The truth is, people naturally think more about themselves than others and all things you think people are thinking are probably not as dramatic as you make it be. It took me years to realize that no one cares about my imperfections. 

2. Junk food becomes less appealing

That is, except for the price. Can't beat those 1$ taco deals... 

3. Time > Gifts

You start to care less about the material things you receive and appreciate a lot more when people take the time to be with you 

4. Be Vulnerable

The way to show empathy is if you open up with others, this gives them the chance to open up to you

5. People and Relationships are your best assets

Material items may bring temporary joy, but nothing beats a friendship that can exponentially bring more joy

6. Sharpen the Saw

Whether it is sleeping in, or waking up early to workout, you have to take time to recharge for you to perform optimally. Think of it as an investment for your health. 

7. Learn a technical skill

Whether its statistics, coding, or even photoshop, having a technical skill will set you apart when you apply for jobs or start something on your own. 

8. Yoga helps burn fat

I've done hot yoga over the summer while I did my internships and not only does it help you mentally, you actually get a good workout out of it since you're strengthening muscles. And quite frankly, it feels nice after sweating for an hour

9. Talk to your professors/managers/Upper connections

I find that people who are more experienced humble me. They also give better advice too. 

10. Dating in the 21st Century is confusing

It isn't weird (or is it still) to meet someone online, but I always thought that first impressions should be based on the first 15 seconds of meeting someone in person. How can you do that when your first impressions is a face, name, and even a curated profile of themselves. I can go on and on about this. Maybe I'll write about it...

11. Coconut Oil can do anything

It can work as a hair mask, oil substitute, and treating a first-degree burn. It's kind of like the new Crisco but healthier!

12. Read Harvard Business Cases if you're thinking of starting a business

You're essentially learning about business failures and success stories along with their financials. The more you learn from them, the more you realize the risk and strategies you need

13. The world is a lot smaller than you think

I can't tell you how many times I have found out that my friends know each other. Sometimes in the most bizarre ways

14. Kickboxing is fun! 

I took my first kickboxing class yesterday and realized how useful it can be if I ever needed to sucker-punch someone in defense! But sidekick is still my favorite. 

15. Social Media absorbs SO much time

All these social media apps are finding ways for the user to stay on the app for as long as they can. That's why Instagram has stories and Snapchat has the news/new filters.

16. Talking to your Uber driver will lead to a lot of interesting stories

Top 3 interesting Uber Drivers I've met so far: A man who taught us how to have a Photographic Memory (Houston), An immigrant from China who came to the US so he can start a Chinese restaurant (Washington DC), A DJ who played his own songs at our 3 am ride to the airport. It was so good that we asked about it (Boston). 

17. Discipline is very hard but has the biggest reward

My biggest struggle has been keeping with a workout routine, waking up early to be productive, and controlling the dairy consumption. But starting slow and steady will feel great and continue to motivate

18. Effort > Excuse

Regardless of the situation or result, if you put your best effort, it beats any excuses

19. Grammarly is amazing

I've always had trouble with careless misspelled vocabulary and Grammarly does a really good job catching them for me. Works for emails and messages!   

20. Open a Mutual Fund

It gives you a lot more return in the long term. Every year you add more money and as my professor stated in class: "If you add 4-5k every year until the age of 40, you'll be a millionaire". Not sure on the accuracy, but its definitely better route than a savings account 

21. Inspiration can come from anyone/anywhere

Take the time to explore a new place and get to know people. I've been inspired by those who have shared their story because I've taken the time to converse with them. Just give it a try! 

22. Live a HAPPY life

This is a super generic tip but not everyone follows it. If you're doing something that makes you unhappy, then why? We get caught up with the "because we have to" response but there are other ways to counteract or substitute our current issues. Ultimately, your time is right now, so don't let it escape without enjoying it.