Week 1 of my Adult Life

In a span of one week, I flew to the Bay Area to attend work orientation and then back to Ann Arbor to start training. I've been anticipating this week for a while since it's been a good two months since I've graduated, but there's still a feeling of unpreparedness. A lot of the things I'm feeling are from the sudden wave of #adulting tasks I have to perform. I've moved (and still furnishing) into my apartment, researching how to finance a new car, planning out my investments, and trying to jump back to my print business and blog. Be on the lookout for some amazing Asia pics!

In addition to all this madness, I've been trying to keeping in touch with friends in Cali/Houston, my boyfriend, and family back home. It's common to eventually drift away from the people you use to know but I strongly believe that true friends won't allow that to happen (esp in this day and age). 

For those who are going through this transitional phase, be conscious and don't forget to take a moment and think about the bigger picture. I came in this week having a set life plan for the next two years, only soon to realize that forcing myself to follow a timeline will only hinder me from focusing on the present. There are so many things about the Midwest that I don't know about yet! 

Blogging is only a hobby for me but I do want to bring value to my readers. Let me know what you would like to hear from me by reaching out! 

My Favorites this Month:

Blog: nohasahnoune.com "telling stories in words, numbers, and photographs" I've been following her for a while and got an amazing opportunity to meet up with her a while back. Her writing is always so inspirational and I'm in love with her Instagram aesthetic 

Podcast: Optimal Daily Living Very quick episodes to jumpstart your mornings. Each episode is an article/blog post on personal development. There are also topics on finance, minimalism, health, and relationships 

Currently Reading: Lunch in Paris: A Delicious Love Story, with Recipes a beautiful narrative about an American woman falling in love and moving to Paris. Her story is told through recipes and French cuisine. The secret to how French ppl stay so thin: they eat in petite portions, its actually looked down upon to grabs seconds or order a large portion.