End of an Era

let me start with this, it's been an incredible ride.


4 years passed by without me knowing and nothing can encompass and illustrate the numb feeling I have right now, days before graduation. I woke up this morning feeling that the inevitable of parting ways was soon to come. I frantically scheduled coffee dates and did spontaneous hang outs but nothing seems to be enough to fill that internal dread.

Through my college career, I've proved to myself that I am capable yet I have weaknesses. I've learned that time and people are my greatest assets which is why I made the most out of college by spending time with great people. I joined two business programs, I applied for internships that had great culture, and I made sure I left time to video call my family and friends back home. 


In my Google interview, my interviewer had asked me a question that stumpped me: "How do you define the word learning to a 5 year old kid?" Well, my 4 years in college didn't teach me how to speak to children, but it did teach me to think quick on my feet and I blurted something out after thinking to myself for 15 seconds. After the interview, something struck me, that everthing I've gained from college were from conversations with the people around me. I'm not discrediting the school's ciriculum but it was the honest debates I had with students and friends that allowed me to form that growth mindset. 

What else have I learned? Heres just a short list: 

  • I love Thai food
  • Treat people the way they want to be treated
  •  I have a love-hate relationship with mornings
  • I learned that I love coffeeshops more than the coffee they serve
  • Self fulfillment is achieved if you tried your best
  • Always dream big
  • Love watching movies in theaters 

What are my future plans? Well, I'll be taking a full-time job with Google and moving to Michigan. Never in my mind did I think I would be relocating to a new city up north but the unpredictability of life is what makes it exciting right? Before starting work, I'll be traveling to Asia for three weeks with my high school best friend visiting Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and South Korea! Surprisingly, I have never been anywhere outside of China so it's about time.  This new chapter of my life doesn't mean I forget about the previous one. I think it's important to know how valuable it is to never forget. 

With that, see you in the next chapter! 


I'm not even graduating though


Its the last week of school and with some extra time, I've been taking up some graduation photo-shoot gigs. I've done some individual shots and even a couples shoot. During and even after while editing the photos I feel so excited and happy for them. They are finished. 


All the hard work, money, and time they put into classes, internship, shadowing, and sleepless nights is over. Not only that, all the experiences, moments, and friendship they made will now be tucked into the chapter of their life they would call, My College Years

I'm not graduating until next year so why am I writing a post about graduation? I think its because I'm acknowledging that this year is going to happen to me before I even know it. One year does not seem long at all because I can assure you that my 3rd year passed by like a blur. 

Check out my graduation photos here !

In the mean time, I'll be editing photos, traveling, and having fun. What else is new?