Lessons taught by my cities

Another post thats 5 months over due. Classic Anne. After reading my friend’s official I-moved-to-NYC post, I was immediately inspired to finish this post. I had this drafted since March but had forgotten to finish…

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Me in March 2019: If you know me, I’ve always craved for the next best thing. Lately, its been the most apparent in terms of where. Ever since high school, I wanted to live in the city that never sleeps, good old New York City. The first time I’ve visited was back in 2016 and similar to my first time, I was overwhelmed. I wondered if it was the city for me coming from such a spacious place like Orange County. My vision in life is to always challenge myself.

I strongly believe that each city cultivates and strengthens you in different ways. Obviously with different experiences and memories, comes with different perspective.

Here are mine


Houston taught me to be kind - I’ve met the most nice and selfless people there. Also be hospitable to your peers because kindless really does spread. I’ve had my pivitoal 4 years of college in this city and I would never have gotten through it without the people.


Irvine taught me to live life happy - Going back always reminds me to stop stressing on the small stuff. Although I did grow up and had one of the most stressful times there, my family always reminds me that at the end of the day, you should strive to be happy. I now go back to enjoy the Golden State and all its glory, my parent’s house is located on top of a hill where we have access to a local trail with beautiful blooms


Ann Arbor taught me to adapt - Still doing this as I navigate the work force and new city but I’m soon realizing that things will only keep getting more and more unknown from here. I had this drafted back in March and since then, I’ve really grown to love this city. Ann Arbor is also teaching me to be spontaneous.

And who knows where the next city will be…

Until next time! -Anne

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