The City of Chicago


I always think that there is a formula that creates a great city. You need a large central park, a body of water, cultural food scene, and visual respresentation of the city’s history. This is usually expressed through the architecture, the museums, and the people. Pretty much any city can fill this criteria but theres a level of depth that distinguishes a truely magical city like Chicago.

I wouldn’t classify myself as a writer because I like to storytell through my photos. I love to show people what its like to walk through the city. Which is why if you travel with me, you’ll see me linger behind you; getting lost in alley ways trying to finding the perfect angles.

The fog that englufs the upper half of the skyline (unfortunate if you’re on the Willis Tower) is really one of my favorite sites to see. It is so authentically Chicago.

Ah Chicago, the windy city… (cues Frank Sinatra’s Chicago)

I listened to this soundtrack non stop while skipping around late at night on the Magnificent Mile with my friends. I’m not sure if its the architectural surroundings, the Midwest yet big city vibes, or both. But walking through the city always amazes me. My very first impression of Chicago was that it was a more spacious version of New York. Things are a little bit more spread out (I’ve taken a lot of ubers and metros) but you have your main park, an iconic long street you can walk on forever, and an ever-changing bustling food scene.

Chicago is just a 5 hour train ride from Ann Arbor and I’ve managed to see it in multiple seasons in the past year: Summer and Fall.

I am a strong advocate of walking as a mode of transportation. You don’t see the hidden gems of the city if you don’t; and most of your impressions of the city come from the subtle inteactions you have with it. Like crossing the street during a busy hour, giving the homeless your leftovers and seeing eyes flash with hope, or waiting for the metro and people watching.


This isn’t suppose to be a blog to convince you to visit, although you really should. It is an attempt for me to encapture Chicago’s life into words. I personally don’t believe I even scratched the surface but I can say with confidence that the both times I’ve visited (in rain and in shine), I loved it. Its a city with so much hidden beauty yet displays it confidently at the same time.

“She is always a novelty; for she is never the Chicago you saw when you passed through the last time.”
- Mark Twain