How to get Motivated to do creative work

One of the biggest things I struggle with is jumpstarting a project. You can ask me right now about all the ideas I have. Start a Youtube Channel, Open up an Etsy Shop, or Posting once a week on this blog. After finally launching my photography print shop, I can admit and say that it took me a good year. Here are some tips on how to get yourself motivated to post more! 


Get a friend to hold you accountable

I can't tell you how more motivated I get when my friends checked in with me about my print shop. There's a sense of responsibility and pressure when you've promised someone that you were going to do something. That expectation is probably the biggest factor for me. 

Find your Spot

Sometimes it takes a new environment to get your creative juices flowing. I need to do schoolwork in a quiet space, but I definitely prefer background noise when I do creative work.  That's why you can always find me at a cafe editing photos, videos, or writing. A personal favorite Houston Cafe list will come out in the near future! 


Follow a # Trend with a friend

I decided to follow a hashtag trend with my friend Kevin to post a photo at least every Sunday in order to continue to grow our photography accounts. Although I haven't been too focused on this, I managed to still post more than I have been in the past just because it was something so simple to do. Check it out! 


Schedule out time in your day to actually DO the work

Its been on my to-do list to go night shooting in Downtown Houston. So last week, I finally coordinated with two friends and went out do some exploring and shooting. It was my first creative shoot of the year and I felt so alive afterward! Check them out! 


Prioritize it on your calendar! 

Sometimes its just takes you manually blocking off time on your calendar and visually seeing those three hours scheduled to get your creative work done. I feel like a lot of times I would put blogging and photography off as my last priority but in reality, I live to create. It's important that if you want to pursue a creative project, you must treat it like it something important and urgent. 

I LOVE Google Calendars but if you like something more visually appealing, the Passion Planner is a beautiful blank slate for you to pull out some colored pens and plan! 

Hope this helps you out! Feel free to leave a comment on what kind of projects you're trying to go for! I'll keep you accountable! :)