Starting 2018 with a New Perspective


Happy 2018!

Thus begins the last semester of my college career... Wow that is crazy! Its been snowing here in  Houston (again, crazy) so school has been canceled for the first two days. I've been staying indoors reading, catching up with friends, and reflecting. Something that a majority of us are doing... 

My friend Iman's New Year blog post is truly inspiring that I have to share. It touched on topics that were completely #relatable. Lately, I've been writing down in a monogrammed Shinola journal I got as a gift. Whether it was my late night thoughts or a reminder to set up a personal budget. I never really believed in the act of writing things down mainly because I have awful handwriting and I don't really know how to solidify my thoughts properly. So far, I’ve been keeping up with writing out my personal feelings. I believe that what is therapeutic about it isn’t writing it out as much as rereading them and feeling empowered to do more.

In class we are told to do the one-word assignment where were chose one word that describes our summer/year. This year, my one word is consistency. This year is a year of life transitions: graduation, new job, moving, settling, and starting over. I've decided to keep myself busy and not settle. I looked over my calendar for the semester and immediately realized how blank it was. It wasn't long before I scheduled myself a semester event planning internship, finish my print shop, and schedule meet ups with friends and mentors. My intention for the first half of this year is to embrace the resources and life style I have and make the most out of it. 

And with that, I challenge you to do the same.