Seattle: Coffee and Flowers


Seattle was such a blur in my memories right now. It's been a solid three weeks since I was in Washington but I can still remember the city's beautiful nature and its overdose of caffeine. Because most of you guys come here for the pictures, I'm going to start this post with one of my all time favorite shots here: 

This was taken the on the 2nd day while the clouds covered the city. The best time to visit would be summer but their cherry blossoms bloom in March. Honestly, I wish I could've seen it, I heard it's magical. 

 Things to do


Pike Place is a must see mainly because it is unlike anywhere else in the United States. However, Camden Market in London comes up pretty close. Unlike Camden though, Pike Place is located next to the bay which means, GREAT SEAFOOD. The Original Starbucks and the Ferris Wheel are nearby as well! Although the market itself was bustling with tourists and locals, I loved the overall vibe of it. Maybe it was first-day-in-the-city jitters, but I was walking past a saxophonist playing jazz at an intersection and it was honestly such a perfect moment. 

Gum Wall

The Gum Wall is as colorful as chewed gum can get. Beware of your hair getting stuck,..

The Frye Museum

The Frye Museum had a very interesting exhibition called "Between the Frames". It consisted 65 years of acqusitions by Charles and Emma Frye. I absolutely love paintings so as my friend would say, I was on a "natural high" sitting in that room.

Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge was only a 40 minute drive from downtown so we made a day trip to hike there. It was hands down, the best hike I've been on. We didn't venture far, but the trail itself was gorgeous. The trail wasn't extremely intense but I did sweat a bit despite the chilly weather

Space Needle

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum

Battery Park 


Seattle is well known for its amazing quality in coffee. You usually find yourself with a glass of carbonated water to cleanse with between your sips of coffee. All the drinks I've had were so smooth and perfectly brewed. However, the mochas here are phenominal. Here is a list of coffeeshops that we managed to hit while we were on our coffee runs: 

Ghost Alley Espresso - Their Mystery Mochas are by far the best things ever in creation

Rococo Coffee Roasting - Has framed photos of loyal customers on the wall. We were on a mission to find a friend's photo (and we did).

Milstead and Co - The Theo Mocha is made from real chocolate shavings.

Cafe Largo - The Medici has hints of orange. Amazing! 

Sureshot - Located in UW campus, they have the white coffee, which has a lighter and nuttier taste. It actually has more caffiene and less acidity than normal coffee would. 

Starbucks Roastery - AMAZING coffee cocktails and cold brew on tap. 

Other Food Recommendations

Piroshky Piroshky -  Russian Bakery, order something savory here 

Portage Bay Cafe - Classic breakfast location on UW campus

Lost Lakes - Nice 24 hour diner 

Fremont Brewing - for great beer and ciders

Sweet Alchemy - Tiny Ice cream store on UW campus which the coolest flavors (thai tea) 

An Nam Pho - BEST bang for your buck here. Complementary extra noodles and flan dessert with your order 

Pike Place Chowder - Free extra bread on the side 

Dick's Burgers- the only place you'll find 1-3$ burgers. Nothing high quality 

Amazing Thai Cuisine- Phenomenal service and legit Thai food 

An abundant amount of greens and florals in the city~ 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post about my adventures in Seattle! Feel free to leave a comment below. :)