San Diego - La "Hoi-ya"

I went to San Diego before I left to Houston because my parents wanted to celebrate my birthday a month in advance <3 but I completely forgot to post about it (sorry!) 

So the next day, we packed a couple of snacks and decided to drive south. When we arrived to La Jolla, the ocean view was breath taking. The ocean was as blue as the sky! 

So my friend once asked me if I was a mountain person or an ocean person. (because apparently you can only be one) I love trees, and I loved spectating the mountains that pass by when I'm on the road. So without hesitation, I would say that I'm a mountain person. 

BUT... after seeing La Jolla, I'm having second thoughts. I can't believe that my cousin goes here for school! Ugh I'm beyond jealous. 

photos courtesy to my LG phone :3

photos courtesy to my LG phone :3

We stayed outside for a couple of hours roamed around downtown La Jolla. Sometimes, you would pass by high end stores and hotels, but sometimes you would pass by single-owned clothing stores that seem to have their own history and stories. It gave off a beachy and home-y vibe to me and I really enjoyed strolling down the streets with my family. I would 100% recommend tourist to come and enjoy the sun-kissed weather.

We yelped for Mexican restaurants that was walking distance and found Puesto Mexican Street Food. They had amazing tacos and I would definitely recommend the octopus tacos if any of you guys visit. They were on a pricy side, but it was worth it. 

Most of the waiters are college students so you see a lot of students socializing and meeting up here. Plus the service is amazing!