798 Art District

Hello! I've been meaning to post this but wifi is so spotty right now so I apologize for this last post. :(

One of my favorite things to do is walk down a street of art and culture. On one of our last days in Beijing, we went to the 798 Art District. Originally it use to be factory with buildings that housed laborers. However, after the factory had shut down, the buildings were rented out to artists and many of them are transformed into mini art museums. All the art are contemporary and you can see graffiti everywhere on the walls (Although most of them are incomprehensible). I would conclude that it is a this place is a fusion of hipster and industrial. 

First exhibit we saw. 

First exhibit we saw. 

The Artist of the painting above takes inspirations on the insignificant things in life such as the dried up water marks on the table or the dust on the shelves. I love how I can see his inspirations in his art. We went to about 4 exhibitions and each having their own style. All of these artists are Chinese or Japnanese that have lent out their art for foreign exhibition. 

You can find a lot of young people in this district because it's so modern.  The first time I came here, I saw 2 professional photo shoots taking place and everyone constantly taking photos for each other. Everything in this place gives off an artsy feel which only adds to my excitement and need to bring Stacey here. 

We went on a railroad tracks where an old locomotive rests. It's located right next to a cafe and gives off an old British vibe (since ya know, harry potter). I remember there was a layer of black tar on the tracks which is pretty disgusting if you didn't know and grabbed the tracks for support. 

 I've always wanted to take photos at a railroad track and although there were too many people, I managed to get some pictures! 


My favorite sister picture :)

I miss this place already 

I miss this place already 

Sisters in Beijing <3 

Sisters in Beijing <3 

This isn't really an article. More like a compilation of pictures, but that is all I have for this post! This'll be the last Beijing article I'll write (nostalgic sigh) but  I'll write more on my adventures at Guang Zhou soon! I'm going on a road trip to Gue Ling in a few days which I am extremely excited for. Hopefully I'll get some pictures for you guys! 



Feel like Nixon

That title is an inside joke between my sister and me but I'll explain later. :P

Since my uncle is a high class manager for 5-star Beijing hotels, he has friends who also own their own hotels or restaurants. (I bet they just casually dine at each other's restaurants whenever they feel like it)

 So a couple days ago we were extremely lucky to eat at a Panorama Carousel Restaurant and it was AMAZING. I felt like I was on cloud 9 and enjoyed every minute of it. It was located on the very top of a hotel and the room has 360 degree glass walls where you could you see the entire city view. And the best part: the tables itself is slowly spinning so as you eat, you are slowly moving and the scenery is slowly shifting. Wait, I lied, the best part was that it was a buffet. :P

The view. I wish I had a really wide lens&nbsp;

The view. I wish I had a really wide lens 

Because the restaurant is fancy, it serviced many government leaders such as President Nixon and Kim Il Sung. Stacey and I would joke that whenever we experience something extra luxurious or special, we would say "Feel like Nixon". 

佛跳墙 (it says it on the cap)

佛跳墙 (it says it on the cap)

The greatest part of the food was the soup they served. Its called Fuo Tiao Qiang (Budda jumps over the wall) and is considered one of the most delicious soups ever made; even the Budda would jump over the wall to eat it. The soup contains all sorts of ingredients such as pork, eggs, seafood,and  tofu. I'm going to sound like a food critic here: it was probably the best soup I have ever had. The texture of the soup is so creamy but its also very light and the flavor had a taste of sweet potato yet its also savory. 

I'm currently in Guangzhou right now but I'll be posting another Beijing article soon. Its getting more humid and hot here so I'll probably be staying inside a lot (thank the gods for AC).  

-Anne <3 




Lotus Flower Fields

I'm really behind on writing this blog because I have SO many things to write about! I'm so excited to record the places I've visited in the next few articles. Stacey and I have been traveling to all the main sites in Beijing this week since we're going to be leaving to Guangzhou tomorrow :( I'm going to miss this beautiful city and the amazing people I met. 

I'm going to start this post with this: my new favorite flower is definitely the lotus. I still love hydrangeas, but the simplicity, elegance, and gradient petals of the lotus make its so unique. I was lucky to see a whole field of blooming lotuses when I visited Bei Hai Park (which I visited a couple weeks back). Bei Hai park is known for it's white tower. If you see the pictures, you'll notice that the main distinguishing factor is the the white tower. Without it, it would seem like I'm in the Summer Palace or even another park. The park itself isn't as big as the summer palace so we got to walk around the lake and enjoy the scenery. There isn't really anything to do except walking around which both of us didn't mind. :)

Asian paradise &lt;3

Asian paradise <3

My aunt &lt;3&nbsp;

My aunt <3 

The Great Wall

So... I just went to the GREAT WALL!!

Now, I don't know why but when I envisioned myself going to the Great wall, I imagined myself walking up the stairs alone and taking my time to enjoy the scenery. But I was completely wrong because it was so extremely crowded. There were no rest periods and you had to be on the move. Today wasn't even one of the worst days. I swear I could crowd surf if people were up for it.

We went today because it wasn't very sunny. The weather was hot but not to the point where you could pass out, so I would say that it was a perfect day to go the Great Wall in the summer.  The perfect time to go is around the Fall time just because the weather is perfect for traveling. Because the wall is repetitively the same, walking for a couple miles was enough and we finished within 2 hours (most of the time we were trying to find our way down to where we started). 

The fog covers the mountains which gives off a layer effect that I always love

The fog covers the mountains which gives off a layer effect that I always love

To get to the Great Wall, we had to purchase tickets for cable cars so that we could get to the actual wall. It takes about 1 minute to get there and once you do, you're instantly engulfed by a crowd of people. Although walking with so many people on extremely uneven and steep steps was stressful, I kind of enjoyed the excitement of constantly being on the lookout for photo-worthy moments. Sometimes there would be spot on the edge of the wall with a magnificent view which we did not hesitate to take advantage of. Finding an empty picturesque location was like finding a gold mine; Stacey and I would be so ecstatic (its pretty funny)

My beautiful sister :)

My beautiful sister :)

all of our jumping pictures failed. This was the best one....

all of our jumping pictures failed. This was the best one....

Now that my sister has finally arrived, there'll be more exciting posts :D  since we plan to take down Beijing and Guangzhou together :D  We're currently dorming together at my aunt's apartment by ourselves which makes makes the situation 10 times more exciting. #lifewithoutparents 

Hope you're enjoying your summer!