First week in Beijing... done!

I know its Thursday, but I'm going to my aunts and uncle's place tomorrow night after work so I probably won't have time to write. 

I'm currently at a Starbucks failing to get access through the firewall. I guess no Facebook for me... (sigh) I'm even more upset because Pandora doesn't work and I'm getting tired of the 10 songs in my phone. I'm not drinking anything special just a (really watered down) caramel macchiato.

I got off work early for the past two days because my boss is actually very kind and lenient. She let me go 3 hours early! :D Honestly, work is just sitting around the check-in table tending to the guests. I can't do much since I'm only staying for a month and by the time I learn the specific protocols, I would probably be leaving. Because we have very little residents on our floor, I find myself just sitting there idling with my time. Thankfully, all my coworkers and my boss are so extremely kind that they would sit with me and find topics to talk about. We talked about the American education system, food, Beijing excursions, hotel etiquette, French people... (the list goes on).

All of them are so kind and I feel so blessed and thankful to be surrounded by such nice people. But then again, they do specialize in hospitality so... :P 

AHH I just tried Spotify and IT WORKS. heh. (Anne's internal overexcited happy dance) 

From staying in China for just a week, I've noticed an improvement in my knowledge of the Chinese language. I've learned to communicate via Wechat with my relatives (yes I do use Google Translate) and managed to actually text in Chinese. I texted by writing the character out just now! Its pretty lame of how I'm proud I am of myself. I use to never even dare to try this back at home since I knew how terrible my written and reading abilities were. Hopefully, I'll improve more! 

I just got a text from my uncle that tomorrow morning before work, he's going to take me Birds Nest where the summer Olympics were held. I loved the entire concept of how intricate yet simple the design is.  

Its getting dark now, so I'm going to have to finish up this post now. More on #AnneinChina will be up soon! (hopefully) 

And yes, I just made a hashtag for myself.. :P 

Have a great June day!