Beauty is...

❝Beauty is not long hair, skinny legs, tanned skin or perfect teeth. Believe me. Beauty is the face of who cried and now smiles, beauty is the scar on your knee since you fell when you were a kid, beauty is the circles when love doesn’t let you sleep, beauty is the expression on the face when the alarm rings in the morning, it’s the melted makeup when you have a shower, it’s the laughter when you make a joke you’re the only one who can understand, beauty is meeting his gaze and stopping understanding, beauty is your gaze when you see him, it’s when you cry for all you paranoias, beauty is the lines marked by time. Beauty is what we feel in the inside which also shows outside us. Beauty is the marks the life leaves on us, all the kicks and the caresses the memories leave us. Beauty is letting yourself live.❞♡

-Emma Watson

This quote really speaks to me. I'm not in anyway undermining my physical appearance, but I truly believe that beauty is shown through the experiences you can't stop talking about, the memories you keep reminding yourself, and the mistakes you cried about, but managed to overcome.

I admire not those who have perfected everything their first try, but those who are humble enough to admit their imperfections. As cliche as it sounds, I believe that the imperfections are what makes each of us beautiful.

I'm going to be honest and vulnerable here: Why do I feel so empty? I surround myself with amazing people, and give myself the chance to live on my own and make my own choices. But why do I feel like I'm missing something?

That made me realize that I need to be comfortable and happy with myself. I need fulfill that small hole that yearns for something, and fill it with my own content (not sure if I'm using these metaphors correctly). I always felt that the accomplishments in my life were insignificant because I could easily find someone else to over-shadow what I have done. This self-destructing method not only is toxic but is also the worst way to live. 

This past week, I received a phenomenal internship offer for the summer.  It had everything I wanted: travel, experience, and amazing culture. Its in my nature to feel that it isn't a big deal but the immense support I got from my friends, family, and mentors was beyond anything I could imagine. After settling down with all of this, my heart felt full because what I was missing was being proud of myself; and no one can help you with that. I realize that no matter what, you need to figure out what makes you excited, happy, and content. 

And once you can figure that out, that's when your true beauty shines. <3