Cambridge University


Never in my life did I think I was going to visit the historical Cambridge University. Why? I never thought it was a school of interest or a landmark to see. But after visiting, I have decided that if you visit London, you must visit Cambridge. 

We took an early morning bus from London and arrived a few hours before noon. 

The juxtaposition of London and Cambridge was a delightful surprise. Perhaps it was because students were gone for Christmas break resulting a very quiet but comfortable vibe. The weekend farmers market covered the city center selling winter apparel, homemade baked goods, and Christmas decor. 

Of course, after an early morning of traveling, we found ourselves in a breakfast inn next to Cambridge University serving a Traditional English Breakfast: beans, eggs, toast, scones, and (of course) english breakfast tea. One of the best feelings is eating breakfast feeling cozy and warm on a chilly winter day.

We really didn't have an itinerary so we wandered and explored. The deeper we walked into the campus, the more I fell in love. I started to play in my mind what life would be like if I studied here. Probably stressed out 99% of the time lets be honest. 

I could not fathom how historical and special the campus is. I mean, Sir Issac Newton developed the theory of gravity here. The original publication of Alan Alexander Milne's Winni the Pooh is currently in the Cambridge library, and Stephen Hawking chose to  pursue his PHD on time. Later that evening, we watch the Theory of Everything. 

We were very fortunate to go on a punting tour hosted by Cambridge students. The tour covered a good majority of campus and we learned about different school rivalries within the campus. I immediately thought of Harry Potter's house rivalries. Oh the nostalgia. 

To cap a wonderful day trip, we spent the evening eating at a pub and enjoyed some time to write before we took a night bus back home. I wouldn't have asked for a better first-time visit.

Although I wondered how the campus would look in the spring, the quiet chilly campus was a unique experience. I'm pretty sure we weren't allowed to walk on some parts of the campus but no one was there to catch us ;D There is so much beauty in the unconventional times of the year and I find it more special to explore then. 

Hope all finds you well and until next time, keep exploring! 

"Life would be tragic if it weren't funny" -Stephen Hawking