I'm not even graduating though


Its the last week of school and with some extra time, I've been taking up some graduation photo-shoot gigs. I've done some individual shots and even a couples shoot. During and even after while editing the photos I feel so excited and happy for them. They are finished. 


All the hard work, money, and time they put into classes, internship, shadowing, and sleepless nights is over. Not only that, all the experiences, moments, and friendship they made will now be tucked into the chapter of their life they would call, My College Years

I'm not graduating until next year so why am I writing a post about graduation? I think its because I'm acknowledging that this year is going to happen to me before I even know it. One year does not seem long at all because I can assure you that my 3rd year passed by like a blur. 

Check out my graduation photos here !

In the mean time, I'll be editing photos, traveling, and having fun. What else is new?