How to Get into Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship


Hello Prospective Class of 2019! Just around this time last year, I was preparing to submit my WCE application and competing for 1 of the 36 spots in the program. 

The Wolff Center of Entrepreneurship is on averaged ranked the top 3 entrepreneurship program in the US and I have had the privilege to be in this amazing community that has changed my life. 

These are my personal experiences and advice for those who may be interested in applying this year. 

Start Early: The application process is highly selective which consists of many components: networking, volunteering, personal branding, writing, and interviewing. Some students have tried applying two years in advance just to get their name exposed to the faculty and program. Many of which require time and effort for the applicant. If you are currently a sophomore, I suggest you to apply and involve yourself in the program. 

Get Involved: To really understand the culture and work that we do, you can attend a class or volunteer. One of our biggest events of the year is Wolffest where students of the program host a 3 day pop-up restaurant event for the entire school. Not only is this great for building relationships with those in the program, but it is also an unforgetable experience. Sign up to volunteer for Wolffest 2018 here! 

Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit: At the end of the day, WCE is an entrepreneurship program. We are all striving to become our own boss and to follow our passions. Now, that doesn't mean you need to have experience or a solid business plan, but you do need to show and prove your entrepreneurial aspirations. 

Network, Network, Network: In WCE, networking is key. Current Wolff students that you create strong relationships with can recommend and vouch for you when it comes to the decision process. Think of it like this, we want you just as much as you want us so reach out and get to know us! 

Create a Unique Video: What most people do is a 3 minute summary of their accomplishments. Now don't get me wrong, that is perfectly fine. But a video can show so much more than what is on your resume. It should present your character, your smile, and most importantly, your personality; which is why my video was a compilation of my travels! I know, that's so Anne. 

Be your true self: The program is designed to have a group of diverse people. So regardless of what you think you should act or be, your unique self is what will make you stand out. 

If any of you guys have questions, feel free to comment below or drop a message! 

Good luck! -Anne